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Introducing Surround - Thin wrapped anodized frame embodying minimalism and simplicity.

Clarus Glassboards is revolutionizing how we communicate with visual display systems. As a leading manufacturer of innovative dry-erase glass boards and architectural systems, Clarus continually develops cutting-edge products and technologies to bring real-life solutions to the marketplace. The moment the marker hits the Glassboard, you can immediately tell the difference. The silky-smooth contact between marker and Glassboard takes presentations to another level. Clarus Glassboards eliminate ghosting or staining, allowing years of worry free enjoyment and use.   » Read More

Architectural Solutions

From Magnetic Glass Walling to high-end architectural back-painted glass systems, Clarus is pioneering creative architectural solutions. » Read More

Clarus Mobile Xpress

  • The fresh alternative to the typical mobile whiteboard
  • Compatible with any wet and dry erase pen, permanent marker, grease pen, etc.
  • Easily wipes clean without ghosting or staining
  • Can be customized to fit with design schemes
  • Ideal for modular room divider systems, privacy screens and rear projection surfaces

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Commitment to Sustainability

Clarus Glassboards is committed to sustainable products and manufacturing processes, including recycling of raw inputs and by-products, waste minimization and pollution prevention. Glass dry-erase systems provide the superior alternative to toxic materials found in synthetic whiteboards. Stain-free surfaces ensure your Glassboards will last the life of the wall.

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