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Moz Designs

“We look forward to the continuing challenge of helping our clients transform great ideas into even greater realities and to building the strong relationships behind every successful project.”

As custom metal fabricators, Móz Designs provides the architectural and design community with innovative metal architectural products for 25 years. Founded in Oakland, California, we got our start as metal fabricators of furniture and fixtures for commercial and residential interiors. Today, Móz is a versatile resource for any Design/Build Project; we provide Metal Architectural Products —standard and custom—and provide our clients with concept development, custom design, detailed drawings, budget prices and installation drawings.

Móz Designs strives to be an industry leader with unsurpassed quality and customer service. As custom metal fabricators it’s our mission to partner with architects and designers. We provide professional support and a long-term commitment to the design and installation process for high end architectural projects. One of our primary goals is to simplify the process for architects, designers, and contractors by delivering support, knowledge, and coordination throughout the entire design/build cycle – from conception to installation.

Moz Designs was founded in Oakland, CA by two brothers in 1990. While Moz facilities have grown over the past twenty-five years to accommodate the demands of production, they remain dedicated to their roots. Moz is one of the few vertically-integrated manufacturing facilities in Oakland, CA; all of the products are designed and produced by the metal fabricators on-site. Moz is also dedicated to partnering with local and domestic metal suppliers whenever possible for materials, paints and equipment.

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