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Ode Creative

Ode Creative exposes a new generation of architects, designers, and customers to beautiful wall and ceiling panels that are well made and visually pleasing

Branching from the fine craftsmanship and unique designs found in the TMC Furniture collections, Ode Creative moves the timeless appearance of wood and great furniture design from the floorplan to the walls and ceilings. Using a variety of processes, from cut-outs to digitally ImPrinted™ images infused into the raw wood, along with an extensive color palette, Ode Creative’s panels create spaces that are unique and distinct. Sizes range from large expanses fit for hotel or corporate lobbies, to well-placed vertical accent panels for hallways, to ceiling elements that allow light to flood through intriguing cut-out designs. Other applications may also include suspended panels that can be viewed from both sides or for sliding barn doors. The designers behind Ode Creative are constantly sourcing new materials like custom laminates, heavily grained woods such as ash and classic maple panels in order to fulfil an endless opportunity of different wall and ceiling applications. Not only are the wall and ceiling panels easy to install, but the top-of-the-line materials are durable and beautiful.

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